Lady 4WDers

I have to admit I love a girls weekend away four-wheel-driving. There’s no arguing over the best place to camp, the fire gets lit without a chainsaw in sight, the car gets packed in skillful silence and there’s many a laugh over a nice bottle of red. In my experience girls are very low maintenance […]

Crook in Cook

While travelling from South Australia to Western Australia along the Old Eyre Highway we took the opportunity to have a look at Cook, a sort-of-ghost-town, which sits on the Transcontinental Railway line. It used to be home to nearly 500 people who all worked in some capacity on the railway and therefore had a school, […]

Following Sturt

Explorer’s Diaries have greatly influenced my love of travelling Australia over the years. A waterhole, hill or ridge-line takes on a whole new meaning when you know who gave it its European name and a bit of detail about the calamities or heroism that occurred at various locations. Recently we’ve been following Charles Sturt’s trail […]

Camels and Rabbit Traps

Its not often that the phrases ‘outback cattle station’ and ‘thermal outdoor spa’ get used in the same sentence. In fact it’s even more strange to throw antique rabbit traps, camels, goats and sheep into the equation. But that’s the Australian outback for you – full of completely unexpected gems and the characters that came […]


Where: Croajingolong National Park, East Gippsland Permits: None Costs: National park camping fees apply. Different rates for each campground ranging from ($20-23) Difficulty: Easy gravel tracks which may get a little boggy after rain Days required to do it justice: 3+days ‘Croajingolong’….hard to say, hard to spell and a place I’d never heard of before. But that’s the beauty of […]

Arthur Pieman

Where: Arthur Pieman Conservation Area Permits: $30 Recreational Driver Permit (includes free DVD on the area) Costs: Camping $13 p/n plus permits for accessing 4WD tracks Difficulty: Hard and unpredictable Days required to do it justice: 3+ days There’s nothing better than stumbling across a travel destination which unexpectedly blows you away. For our last weekend in Tasmania we decided […]

Balfour Mining Town

Where: Balfour Mining Town (and Murray’s Reward Mine) near Arthur River, Tasmania Permits: None Costs: None Difficulty: Easy-ish, there’s a few big bog holes on the way and you definitely need a 4WD. Days required to do it justice: 1 day One of the most interesting things to explore when travelling Australia is the human impact on a landscape. I […]

Convict Island

In the farthest corner of an island almost at the very bottom of the world, on the fringes of a vast wilderness and accessible only by a tempestuous ocean are the crumbling ruins of a convict settlement. Between 1822 and 1834 Tasmania’s Sarah Island housed many of Britain’s most dangerous and troublesome convicts. The site […]

White Timber Trail

Where: White Timber Trail and Jeffrey’s Track (Near Judbury, Tasmania (close to Hobart)) Permits: None Costs: None Difficulty: Hard (especially towing a trailer), Very Hard if there’s been a sniff of rain Days required to do it justice: 1 day Let’s face it, bitumen driving is boring. Everywhere we go we try our best to seek out a non-bitumen […]

Bruny Island

Where: Bruny Island, Tasmania Permits: National Park Entry Fees for camping . Costs: $80 return trip for car + campertrailer on ferry. National Park Entry Fees (we have a two month permit which cost $60 and provides access to all National Parks in Tasmania) + $10 per night in most National Park campgrounds. Difficulty: Easy gravel roads and […]

Oz’s oldest golf course

The morning we drove into the town of Bothwell in central Tasmania I was wearing my ‘St Andrew’s, Scotland‘ hooded top. Then we saw the sign proclaiming we were now in the ‘home of Australia’s Oldest Golf Course’. I promptly removed my jumper as it seemed a little cheesy walking around this particular town flaunting […]

Road Kill

One thing we’ve noticed lots of in Tasmania is the roadkill. I found these stats below for just how many are killed here which is quite shocking really. A bit worrying too for the Tasmanian Devils which are already a threatened species: Estimated roadkill per year: 293,000 Brushtailed possum: 108,543 Pademelon: 28,854 Wallaby: 15,829 Tasmanian […]

This is camping!

We’ve been more than a little impressed with the free and beautiful camping Tasmania has to offer on the West coast….here’s some of our favourites:  

Pieman Heads

Where: Granville Harbour to Pieman Heads loop track, West Coast of Tasmania Permits: None. Costs: None. Free camping at Granville Harbour Difficulty: Anywhere between ‘okay’ and extremely hard depending on tides, weather and the planets aligning. Talk to the locals first and they’ll let you know of any problems. Days required to do it justice: 1 day for the track, […]

Welcome to Tassie

We arrived in Tasmania yesterday and with view like this we can’t wait to explore more! Stay tuned:

A taste of the Googs Track

Where: Googs Track, South Australia (runs between Ceduna and Tarcoola) Permits: Camping Permit required from SA Department for Environment and Heritage, Ceduna. Costs: $20 per night camped on the track. Paid for with the Permit. Difficulty: Difficult. 300 bloody big sand dunes to traverse which may pose a few issues here and there. If completing the full Googs fuel […]

The road to Tarcoola

Where: Tarcoola Road (off the Stuart Highway at Glendambo), South Australia Permits: None. Costs: None unless camping in Kingoonya pub caravan park Difficulty: Easy gravel road with slightly more bumpy gravel side tracks Days required to do it justice: 2+days What I love about travel is that you can get so focussed on a particular track that sometimes you […]

Australian Animals

During our travels I’ve snapped a lot of images of our native Australian wildlife. I put together this simple collection of my favourite photographs. Enjoy 🙂

Opals in the Opal Inn

Coober Pedy. Known for its opals, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, being in the middle of nowhere, being hard to spell and being very hot. We didn’t have any particular expectations for our visit to the Pedy but we discovered one of those random and welcoming Aussie towns where just about anything goes. Before I […]

Roo power

We (well Paul) snapped these pics of a red kangaroo at Willow Springs station in the Flinders Ranges, SA. This one was watching us from fairly near the car and then decided to make a run for it. What I love about these shots is how you can see how the roo uses the power […]

The feral impact

Since European settlement Australia has gradually become home to an array of introduced animals such as camels, pigs, cats, rabbits, goats and cattle. On my travels across the country I’ve accepted these animals as ‘the norm’. Cattle stations span alongside most of the roads we travel and ‘critter cam’ quite regularly picks up a passing […]

Oodnadatta Track

Where: Oodnadatta Track, South Australia Permits: None Costs: Various camping options, free and otherwise all the way along the track Difficulty: This is a very well graded gravel road but do remember you are in very remote country where not many people travel at certain times of the year. We travelled in October and saw on average one car […]

Falcon feeding time

I took this photo today of a Brown Falcon catching its lunch at the Alice Springs Desert Park. Thought I’d share it as it shows the beauty of their wing span as well as how nimble these birds are in flight.

Bungles vs mini-bungles

Where:  1. Purnululu National Park (The Bungle Bungles), Western Australia 2. Keep River National Park (The mini bungles), Northern Territory Permits: None Costs: National Park Fees apply Difficulty: Easy-Moderate (the road into Purnululu had recently been graded and when we drove through it was a very easy to drive. I have however heard horror stories from earlier in […]