New South Wales

Telstra Donkeys

I was in Silverton near Broken Hill recently. Unusually for this hot desert country it was pouring rain. These donkeys were hanging out by the Telstra phone box looking a bit miserable in the rain.

Following Sturt

Explorer’s Diaries have greatly influenced my love of travelling Australia over the years. A waterhole, hill or ridge-line takes on a whole new meaning when you know who gave it its European name and a bit of detail about the calamities or heroism that occurred at various locations. Recently we’ve been following Charles Sturt’s trail […]

Shearing Shed

As a travelling photographer I spend most of my time going ‘ooo ah, check out the light over there’ and the rest of my time cursing the harsh outback light that makes it almost impossible to take any good photos during the day. But take heed – one place in Australia you are absolutely assured […]

Why we do what we do

Photos like this sum up why we own a four wheel drive and go to the places that we go. How much would you like to be sitting here, by Cuttaburra Creek, NSW under a shady tree. The only downside was that there didn’t appear to be any fish in the river…or maybe we aren’t […]

Camels and Rabbit Traps

Its not often that the phrases ‘outback cattle station’ and ‘thermal outdoor spa’ get used in the same sentence. In fact it’s even more strange to throw antique rabbit traps, camels, goats and sheep into the equation. But that’s the Australian outback for you – full of completely unexpected gems and the characters that came […]

Emu chicks

I managed to snap these cute little emu chicks on the road in outback Queensland. Emu chicks are raised by their fathers who are extremely aggressive to anyone who dares to come too close. This shot was taken from the safety of the car.


Travelling with a golf fanatic can be a bit of challenge, especially as we had no room for the golf clubs anywhere in our trailer. Every time we drive through a town and perfectly manicured, glorious green fairways are spotted an air of sadness descends in the Pajero….’I really miss golf’, ‘look how amazing that […]

Aussie Highland Games

We were in the town of ‘Aberdeen’ and a cool wind blowing off the nearby hills may have been vaguely mistaken for a highland chill. Yet the cockatoos flocking overhead and the sunglasses on every man’s face were the only giveaway that this gathering of bagpipes was very very faraway from its kilted homeland. New South […]

Big pigs

I took this series of shots in northern New South Wales recently while staying on a friend’s farm. I wanted to share them as I’ve never seen such massive pigs before! Each of them were over a metre tall and moved extremely fast despite their weight…especially when they spotted broccoli on the menu. The farm […]

Barrington Tops

Where: Barrington Tops, Central Eastern NSW Permits: None Costs: National park camping fees apply. Difficulty: The main tracks are easy gravel….until it rains or snows. Lots of harder offroad tracks to explore. Days required to do it justice: 3+days When we turned a corner near the Barrington Tops National Park and found a lady on horseback, an Akubra hat on […]

Camping Oz-style

We’ve been diligently taking photos of all the campsites we’ve stayed in over our trip so far. It’s a great record of all the diverse and amazing places we are all able to visit in Australia. Here’s some of our favourites from the past few months:  

King Parrot

In Australian forests where all the animals seem to colour-blend into the surrounding foliage it was amazing to see these bright red King Parrots floating around. They are very curious birds and this one sat watching us for a good ten minutes from the awning of the van.