Bulldust holes are something we’ve regularly encountered on outback roads and, although sometimes dangerous, they make for great photo opportunities. I took this series up near Weipa on Cape York. It’s called bulldust as these soft patches on an otherwise hard gravel road resemble the loose soil trampled by cattle in stockyards. Of courses taking […]

Up the Telegraph Track

Cape York’s Old Telegraph Track is one of those legendary, must-do 4WD tracks and was top of our bucket list for our Australian lap. Between 1885 and 1962 this was the route of the telegraph line and the only means of communication for those living on the remote cape peninsula. It has basically never been […]

Cape Upstart

In 1770 Captain Cook made his way along the north eastern coast of Australia naming landmarks as he went. One of these bays south of the modern-day locale of Townsville (Queensland) he called Cape Upstart, “because being surrounded with low land it starts or rises up singley at the first making of it …. Inland […]


Mission Beach in Far North Queensland……need I say more? See you there once you quit your jobs 😉

Following Sturt

Explorer’s Diaries have greatly influenced my love of travelling Australia over the years. A waterhole, hill or ridge-line takes on a whole new meaning when you know who gave it its European name and a bit of detail about the calamities or heroism that occurred at various locations. Recently we’ve been following Charles Sturt’s trail […]

Simpson Desert: 2 yrs on

In 2012 we did a trip across the Simpson Desert and up the Hay River Track. 2012 was the year of big rains and big floods which rolled down from the north and created lakes in this usually dry desert. The first section of that trip was out from Birdsville and we had to take […]

Cacophony of Cockatoos

If you’ve ever been in the vicinity of a couple of hundred cockatoos chattering in a tree you’ll know just how LOUD these birds can be, especially amidst the silence of the bush. We were camped next to this lot at Diamantina Lakes, QLD. They were very loud but it was quite entertaining to scare […]

Why we do what we do

Photos like this sum up why we own a four wheel drive and go to the places that we go. How much would you like to be sitting here, by Cuttaburra Creek, NSW under a shady tree. The only downside was that there didn’t appear to be any fish in the river…or maybe we aren’t […]

Emu chicks

I managed to snap these cute little emu chicks on the road in outback Queensland. Emu chicks are raised by their fathers who are extremely aggressive to anyone who dares to come too close. This shot was taken from the safety of the car.


Travelling with a golf fanatic can be a bit of challenge, especially as we had no room for the golf clubs anywhere in our trailer. Every time we drive through a town and perfectly manicured, glorious green fairways are spotted an air of sadness descends in the Pajero….’I really miss golf’, ‘look how amazing that […]

Outback V-Dub Beetle

You’ve got to love the random car wrecks that you can find abandoned along the tracks. This one was on the Noccundra Road in Western Queensland. Its a strange car to find in the middle of one of the remotest parts of Australia in sand-dune country. Why did it end up here I wonder!? Maybe […]

Flight of the Eagle

There’s nothing more ‘outback’ than the sight of a Wedge-tailed eagle gliding through the brilliant blue skies. We were oh so lucky to stumble upon five wedgies gorging on a dingo carcass about 100m from the side of the track in Western Queensland. These birds are notoriously difficult to photograph but I hopped from the […]