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47,000 km Tyre Change

A few months ago I wrote a blog about the tyres we’ve been using as we drive around Australia. We are now 47,000kms into our journey and have made some changes to our set up. As a bit of a recap we have six tyres on the car – a must if you are doing any […]

Aussie Highland Games

We were in the town of ‘Aberdeen’ and a cool wind blowing off the nearby hills may have been vaguely mistaken for a highland chill. Yet the cockatoos flocking overhead and the sunglasses on every man’s face were the only giveaway that this gathering of bagpipes was very very faraway from its kilted homeland. New South […]

Big pigs

I took this series of shots in northern New South Wales recently while staying on a friend’s farm. I wanted to share them as I’ve never seen such massive pigs before! Each of them were over a metre tall and moved extremely fast despite their weight…especially when they spotted broccoli on the menu. The farm […]

Barrington Tops

Where: Barrington Tops, Central Eastern NSW Permits: None Costs: National park camping fees apply. Difficulty: The main tracks are easy gravel….until it rains or snows. Lots of harder offroad tracks to explore. Days required to do it justice: 3+days When we turned a corner near the Barrington Tops National Park and found a lady on horseback, an Akubra hat on […]

Camping Oz-style

We’ve been diligently taking photos of all the campsites we’ve stayed in over our trip so far. It’s a great record of all the diverse and amazing places we are all able to visit in Australia. Here’s some of our favourites from the past few months:  

King Parrot

In Australian forests where all the animals seem to colour-blend into the surrounding foliage it was amazing to see these bright red King Parrots floating around. They are very curious birds and this one sat watching us for a good ten minutes from the awning of the van.


Where: Croajingolong National Park, East Gippsland Permits: None Costs: National park camping fees apply. Different rates for each campground ranging from ($20-23) Difficulty: Easy gravel tracks which may get a little boggy after rain Days required to do it justice: 3+days ‘Croajingolong’….hard to say, hard to spell and a place I’d never heard of before. But that’s the beauty of […]

The first grey nomad?

  Tucked in a corner of the National Museum of Australia in Canberra is a kooky 1930’s caravan which is the best inspiration to any of us travelling Australia in a caravan. This circus like contraption was created by Harold Wright during the depression years as the base for his tool sharpening business. He set […]

Angry Birds

Up until a few days ago I have always had a soft spot for Kookaburras. They’re an iconic Aussie bird, and every time I see one the old ‘kookaburra sits in the old gum tree’ song automatically spills out my mouth. However while camped at Croajingolong National Park on the south coast of Victoria we […]

Outback house

I took this picture of an early 1850’s pioneer house near the town of Terowie in outback South Australia. To me, there’s something incredibly emotive about these abandoned buildings. This one in particular begs so many questions…although uninhabited someone is keeping the yard area immaculate. There is even a small wood pile at the back […]

Modern Car Service

I spotted this derelict mechanic’s shop ‘Modern Car Service’ in a little town called Terowie in outback South Australia. Ironically in the yard at the back of the building were piles of not so ‘modern’ rusty old cars and trucks from a time when Terowie was a hub of South Australia’s railway system. I’d love […]

Red Banks Park

I made a gem of a find today less than 15kms from Burra in South Australia. Red Banks Conservation park is like a mini desert experience: meandering red earth gorges, spring-fed waterholes and lots of old growth (300 year old) mallee trees. Its an awesome spot for photography for that classic blue sky, red earth […]

Big Outback Skies

I’m back in South Australia in the mid-north town of Burra. I’d forgotten how much I love the huge skies here. This is farming country and a lot of the land has been cleared. The paddocks are dotted with abandoned houses from a time when the region was more geared towards small holdings than the […]

Arthur Pieman

Where: Arthur Pieman Conservation Area Permits: $30 Recreational Driver Permit (includes free DVD on the area) Costs: Camping $13 p/n plus permits for accessing 4WD tracks Difficulty: Hard and unpredictable Days required to do it justice: 3+ days There’s nothing better than stumbling across a travel destination which unexpectedly blows you away. For our last weekend in Tasmania we decided […]

Balfour Mining Town

Where: Balfour Mining Town (and Murray’s Reward Mine) near Arthur River, Tasmania Permits: None Costs: None Difficulty: Easy-ish, there’s a few big bog holes on the way and you definitely need a 4WD. Days required to do it justice: 1 day One of the most interesting things to explore when travelling Australia is the human impact on a landscape. I […]

Camper Trailer Touring Mag

We have had an article published in this month’s Camper Trailer Touring Mag (Issue 60) about our fantastic trip down Tasmania’s West Coast. There’s 8 pages in there of photos and info. This was one of our favourite trips in Tassie.

Liffey Falls

There’s nothing more classically Tasmanian than a waterfall surrounded by huge ferns. I took these images at Liffey Falls in the Great Western Tiers area of Tassie. Such a peaceful and pristine World Heritage Area.  

Magic Mushrooms

The weather has turned wintry now in Tasmania and with the wetter weather out come the ‘fungi’. I have been on a few bushwalks in the past few days and spotted an array of beautiful fungi growing on rainforest trees.  

Convict Island

In the farthest corner of an island almost at the very bottom of the world, on the fringes of a vast wilderness and accessible only by a tempestuous ocean are the crumbling ruins of a convict settlement. Between 1822 and 1834 Tasmania’s Sarah Island housed many of Britain’s most dangerous and troublesome convicts. The site […]

Cradle Mountaineering

Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania’s most visited tourist destinations and home to the 65km long Overland Track,  Australia’s premier multi-day hike. It is World Heritage rated country and is closely guarded by boom gates with flashing amber lights, lots of ‘do not’ signs, a shuttle bus service to prevent congestion, an expensive caravan park […]

Devils up close

Check out these up-close pics I took of some Tassie Devils.  When they have their mouths open and showing their teeth, they are snarling and making a very scary devil-like noise. When they are lying down with their eyes closed they look like the family dog!  

Lake Pedder

Lake Pedder’s colloquial name is ‘Fake Pedder’. This Tasmanian lake was once a natural lake which was expanded by damming in 1972 by the Hydro Electric Commission as part of the Upper Gordon River hydro-electric generation scheme. The Gordon Power scheme now generates 13% of Tasmania’s total energy. The lake now has an area of […]

White Timber Trail

Where: White Timber Trail and Jeffrey’s Track (Near Judbury, Tasmania (close to Hobart)) Permits: None Costs: None Difficulty: Hard (especially towing a trailer), Very Hard if there’s been a sniff of rain Days required to do it justice: 1 day Let’s face it, bitumen driving is boring. Everywhere we go we try our best to seek out a non-bitumen […]

Blue Gum Bark

While exploring forestry tracks in Tasmania’s south we discovered this amazing Blue Gum tree which had shed its bark in one complete piece. It is unusual to see such a massive piece of bark but its also unusual to see such a big old tree. Many of the trees in Tasmania were logged in the […]