Western Australia

Pilbara Snaps

The camera’s been getting a good work out recently up here in Karratha. Here’s some of my favourite recent spots.  

Full moon blood moon

Taken from Cossack’s Settler’s Beach on the 4th of April. It was a full moon, lunar eclipse. It was also a low tide and here the tides go out for miles. In this photo you can see the eclipse just beginning to come in from the right side. By 8.30pm the moon had turned blood […]


The Pilbara is well known for its mining boom but sometimes boom goes bust and you’re left with big holes in the ground and a collection of rusting machinery. Personally, I love poking around these abandoned mines whether they last operated 100 or 10 years ago. There’s something strangely mind boggling about standing in empty […]

Exploring Pilbara ruins

There’s nothing I enjoy more than poking around the ruins past generations have left behind in remote parts of the bush. Today we, unexpectedly, stumbled across some old station ruins at Mardeburra Pool near Millstream National Park in the Pilbara. We suspect these ones are over 100 years old but I haven’t been able to […]

Pilbara Art

I love the random things you can find in the middle of nowhere in Australia. Today we were exploring some back roads in the Pilbara and discovered this burnt out Paj with some rather fine art work painted all over it. Not your average abandoned car.  

Not Nullar-boring

The next time someone tells you they hate crossing the Nullarbor because it’s ‘Nullarboring‘ ask them a very simple question: Did you travel along the Old Eyre Highway? Most likely they’ll say no. The Old Eyre Highway is a surprisingly well kept secret, despite the fact it runs parallel to the bitumen main Eyre Highway […]

Why we do what we do

Photos like this sum up why we own a four wheel drive and go to the places that we go. How much would you like to be sitting here, by Cuttaburra Creek, NSW under a shady tree. The only downside was that there didn’t appear to be any fish in the river…or maybe we aren’t […]

Camper Trailer Touring Mag

As we’ve been travelling around we’ve been writing articles for Camper Trailer Touring Magazine. We’re in Issue 59 (on sale now) with Helen’s article about the Munja Track in the Kimberley region of WA. Here’s a preview of the mag:¬†http://www.4wdaction.com.au/ctt59magpreview

Tea anyone?

Check out the photo below. Do they all look like real Nikon Lenses to you? Now this confused me a little even though I use my lenses every day. It was the weight of two of them that helped me to work out. One’s a real lens. One’s a thermos. One’s a tea/coffee mug.   […]

Unlock Australia Campaign

As we travel around Australia we have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of gates and fences we come across which prevent us from accessing many parts of this huge country. There is a growing trend in Australia whereby apparent ‘conservationists’ believe the bush is best protected by locking people out. We consider ourselves to […]

Where we’ve been so far

By the Odometer we’ve now travelled 31,000 kilometres. Using the data saved from our Spot GPS Messenger I’ve created a map of where we’ve been so far. We’ve travelled a long way but still so much to see !! http://www.findmespot.com/spotadventures/index.php/view_adventure?tripid=328006

Overlander Article

We are very pleased to have an article Helen wrote published in the January edition of Australia’s Overlander 4WD magazine. The story is about a trip we took in our Conqueror to the Pilbara region of Western Australia earlier this year.

Australian Animals

During our travels I’ve snapped a lot of images of our native Australian wildlife. I put together this simple collection of my favourite photographs. Enjoy ūüôā

21,000kms and six tyres

A few months ago I wrote a blog about the tyres we’ve been using as we drive around Australia. We are now 21,000kms into our journey and I thought it was time for a tyre update. As a bit of a recap¬†we have six tyres on the car – a must if you are doing […]

Bungles vs mini-bungles

Where:¬† 1. Purnululu National Park (The Bungle Bungles), Western Australia 2. Keep River National Park (The mini bungles), Northern Territory Permits:¬†None Costs:¬†National Park Fees apply Difficulty:¬†Easy-Moderate (the road into Purnululu had recently been graded and when we drove through it was a very easy to drive. I have however heard horror stories from earlier in […]

Critter Cam!

Whenever I‚Äôm camping I can always hear the rustling in the bushes at night-time and in the morning see the little footprints of marsupial visitors around the campsite. Recently I purchased an Acorn Infrared Hunting Camera to set up around the camp in the dark so I can see what creatures come to visit. Here‚Äôs […]

Broome Time

Where:¬†Kimberley region of Western Australia Permits:¬†None. But you might need to pre-book a campsite in peak season Costs:¬†$$$ can be expensive so pick your restaurants carefully Difficulty:¬†Easy (unless your venturing further north) Days required to do it justice:¬†Longer than a day for sure I went to a friend’s house for dinner in Broome and one […]

The Super Moon

On the 23rd June 2013 there was a ‘Super Moon’. A super moon is when a full moon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to the Earth. A moon is always a difficult image for a photographer to capture so a super moon gives you the best chance of capturing a bigger […]

Keep River

Where:¬†North-East of Kununurra on the Weaber Plain Road, WA/NT border Permits:¬†None. These are station tracks so observe all signs, be aware of cattle and leave gates how you found them Costs:¬†$0 Difficulty:¬†Moderate (gravel, sandy tracks – be aware of cattle and station traffic) Days required to do it justice:¬†1-2 days This is a story about […]

1001 Extraordinary Experiences

A little while ago I submitted some images to the Tourism Western Australia 1001 Extraordinary Experiences competition/ad campaign. I’m very happy that they’ve chosen one of my pictures to be in the final ad. Share the link with your friends and promote the beauty of Western Australia. You can see my picture here:¬†http://www.1001extraordinaryexperiences.com/#/experience/0610 And view […]

Karunjie Track

Where:¬†The Karunjie-King River Road (start Point at the East Side of the Pentacost River crossing, Gibb River Road), Kimberley, WA Permits:¬†None. These are station tracks so observe all signs, be aware of cattle and leave gates how you found them Costs:¬†$0 Difficulty:¬†Moderate (gravel, sandy tracks and eroded creek crossings – be aware of cattle and […]

Get the winch out

We all spend a lot of money buying ‘4WD’ gear…winches, max trax, mud tyres etc…but its often the gear you rarely use especially on trips in the ‘dry’ around the Kimberley region.   We had a day yesterday that confirmed why its so important to make sure you’ve got the kit before you head bush. […]

Bumpin’ up the Munja Track

Where: Start Point at Mt Elizabeth Station (Gibb River Road), Kimberley, WA Permits: Permission required from Mt Elizabeth Station Costs: $100 track fee, $14 pp/p/n at Bachsten Camp. Difficulty: Hard (pack the winch, mud tyres and all the kit) Days required to do it justice: 2+ weeks If you’ve been down the Gibb River Road […]

Wedgie Story

Wedgetail Eagles are always so elusive for a photographer – they’re easy to spot from the road but almost impossible to get a good photo of. While travelling along some tracks at the back of Mount Elizabeth cattle station in the Kimberley we saw two Wedgetail Eagles swooping and attacking each other just in front […]