Northern Territory

Why we do what we do

Photos like this sum up why we own a four wheel drive and go to the places that we go. How much would you like to be sitting here, by Cuttaburra Creek, NSW under a shady tree. The only downside was that there didn’t appear to be any fish in the river…or maybe we aren’t […]

Tea anyone?

Check out the photo below. Do they all look like real Nikon Lenses to you? Now this confused me a little even though I use my lenses every day. It was the weight of two of them that helped me to work out. One’s a real lens. One’s a thermos. One’s a tea/coffee mug.   […]

Unlock Australia Campaign

As we travel around Australia we have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of gates and fences we come across which prevent us from accessing many parts of this huge country. There is a growing trend in Australia whereby apparent ‘conservationists’ believe the bush is best protected by locking people out. We consider ourselves to […]

Where we’ve been so far

By the Odometer we’ve now travelled 31,000 kilometres. Using the data saved from our Spot GPS Messenger I’ve created a map of where we’ve been so far. We’ve travelled a long way but still so much to see !!

Overlander Article

We are very pleased to have an article Helen wrote published in the January edition of Australia’s Overlander 4WD magazine. The story is about a trip we took in our Conqueror to the Pilbara region of Western Australia earlier this year.

Australian Animals

During our travels I’ve snapped a lot of images of our native Australian wildlife. I put together this simple collection of my favourite photographs. Enjoy ūüôā

21,000kms and six tyres

A few months ago I wrote a blog about the tyres we’ve been using as we drive around Australia. We are now 21,000kms into our journey and I thought it was time for a tyre update. As a bit of a recap¬†we have six tyres on the car – a must if you are doing […]

Exploring the explorers

This is more travel tip than travel blog. But first, a question‚Ķdo you know why the Stuart Highway which runs through the centre of Australia is called the Stuart Highway? Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it. Its just that road you travel on up to Darwin. What about Alice Springs….who the **** was Alice? […]

Lonely Outback Graves

Something we’ve stumbled across all too often on our travels are lonely, often unmarked, grave sites. At some point I will do a little more research on who these people were and what sad event led to their, probably untimely, death. Many we’ve found have been very small gravesites which are most likely for children […]

Critter Cam 5 – Dingo Feast

We have still been using ‘Critter Cam’ our infrared camera for seeing what animals are wandering around the bush at night. We’ve recently had mostly rabbits on the camera and the odd cockatoo. However when camped at Dalhousie Springs we snapped this dingo having a big feast relatively near our campsite. We can’t tell what […]

May offend

Dingoes are considered a pest to Australian farmers and many employ shooters to eradicate the animals from their properties. Not sure if this was a sign to warn dingoes or travellers off. If you are squeamish perhaps look away now.

Travel mishaps

So one minute we’re happily bumping along the stony Lake Eyre access road and the next minute there’s an almighty bang, a strange scraping noise and a mountain of dust exploding into the air. My initial thoughts were ‘we’ve blown a tyre on the trailer’. Paul’s were ‘where is the trailer?’. After gliding to a […]

The Dusty Outback

We’ve definitely found the dusty outback! Here’s some shots we took on the road we’ve been travelling near Oodnadatta over the past few days. Amazingly the van hasn’t been inundated with any dust at all ūüôā

Old Andado

Where:¬†Old Andado Homestead, Northern Territory (Western end of the Simpson Desert) Permits:¬†None Costs:¬†$9 per person for camping plus an extra $2 to use the showers/toilets. Difficulty:¬†Moderate to Difficult (planning is important when you come here. This is a remote country accessed via a corrugated and bull dust riddled gravel road which passes through Aboriginal Land. […]

Falcon feeding time

I took this photo today of a Brown Falcon catching its lunch at the Alice Springs Desert Park. Thought I’d share it as it shows the beauty of their wing span as well as how nimble these birds are in flight.

Cobourg Peninsula

Where: Garig Gunak Barlu National Park¬†(Cobourg Peninsula), Northern Territory Permits:¬†Road access and camping permit $232.10 for 7 nights (must be arranged prior to travel as limited amount of vehicles are allowed on the peninsula) Costs:¬†$232.10 for up to 5 adults for 7 days Difficulty:¬†Moderate to Difficult (planning is important when you come here. This is […]

Croc vs Buffalo

Where:¬†¬†East Alligator River in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Permits:¬†$25 per person for two weeks Costs:¬†Dependent on location (National park and Caravan Park camping available) Difficulty:¬†Easy. All road are bitumen but be croc aware every where you go Days required to do it justice:¬†2+ days The Northern Territory is crocodile country and swimming in any […]

Critter Cam 3

We’ve been continuing to set Critter Cam our infrared camera up in most places we camp out in the bush. We’ve just returned from the Cobourg Peninsula in the Northern Territory and spent a lot of nights trying to catch footage of a crocodile crossing the road up there but to no avail! Sadly the […]

Bungles vs mini-bungles

Where:¬† 1. Purnululu National Park (The Bungle Bungles), Western Australia 2. Keep River National Park (The mini bungles), Northern Territory Permits:¬†None Costs:¬†National Park Fees apply Difficulty:¬†Easy-Moderate (the road into Purnululu had recently been graded and when we drove through it was a very easy to drive. I have however heard horror stories from earlier in […]

Gregory National Park

Where: ¬†Gregory National Park (off the Victoria Highway near Timber Creek), Northern Territory Permits:¬†None Costs:¬†$6.60 per adult per night for camping (standard NT National Parks fees) Difficulty:¬†Moderate to Difficult (planning is important when you come here. Some of the tracks take up to 8hrs to complete and are remote. You need water, food and fuel […]

Flight of the kite

Black kites are a common sight in outback Australia. Recently I came across a flock (for want of a better collective noun) of black kites around the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory. Here’s a sequence of shots I took of them in flight…beautiful birds to watch.

Crocs Crocs Crocs

‘Never smile at a crocodile, Never tip your hat and stop to talk a while, Don’t be taken in by his welcome grin, He’s imagining how good you’d look inside his skin’ We went for a boat ride today on the Adelaide River, Northern Territory to see the crocodiles jumping. This isn’t a circus act, […]

Critter Cam 2

Well we are continuing to set up “Critter Cam” our infrared camera most nights when we’re out bush. Here’s what we’ve discovered in the past couple of weeks that has been creeping around in the dead of night: 1. A dingo. Taken in Litchfield National Park. The shot was taken right next to our van […]

4WDing in Litchfield

Where:¬†Reynolds Track in Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory Permits:¬†None Costs:¬†$6.60 per adult per night for camping (standard NT National Parks fees) Difficulty:¬†Moderate (Reynolds River is a deep river crossing which requires extra care. Vans longer/wider than our Conqueror UEV490 will struggle to cross). Days required to do it justice:¬†1-2days Litchfield National Park is home to […]