South Australia

Crook in Cook

While travelling from South Australia to Western Australia along the Old Eyre Highway we took the opportunity to have a look at Cook, a sort-of-ghost-town, which sits on the Transcontinental Railway line. It used to be home to nearly 500 people who all worked in some capacity on the railway and therefore had a school, […]

Not Nullar-boring

The next time someone tells you they hate crossing the Nullarbor because it’s ‘Nullarboring‘ ask them a very simple question: Did you travel along the Old Eyre Highway? Most likely they’ll say no. The Old Eyre Highway is a surprisingly well kept secret, despite the fact it runs parallel to the bitumen main Eyre Highway […]

Wide Open Spaces

Love this shot I took on the Old Eyre Highway across the Nullabor. There’s nothing better than hitting the tracks in remote country!


While driving up the remote Bore Track near Innamincka we were commenting on how soft the sand was and debating on whether to lower tyre pressures when we rounded a corner and stumbled across the gentleman below. He was well and truly bogged in a very heavy truck. He hadn’t seen anyone for a couple […]

Following Sturt

Explorer’s Diaries have greatly influenced my love of travelling Australia over the years. A waterhole, hill or ridge-line takes on a whole new meaning when you know who gave it its European name and a bit of detail about the calamities or heroism that occurred at various locations. Recently we’ve been following Charles Sturt’s trail […]

Why we do what we do

Photos like this sum up why we own a four wheel drive and go to the places that we go. How much would you like to be sitting here, by Cuttaburra Creek, NSW under a shady tree. The only downside was that there didn’t appear to be any fish in the river…or maybe we aren’t […]


Travelling with a golf fanatic can be a bit of challenge, especially as we had no room for the golf clubs anywhere in our trailer. Every time we drive through a town and perfectly manicured, glorious green fairways are spotted an air of sadness descends in the Pajero….’I really miss golf’, ‘look how amazing that […]

Outback house

I took this picture of an early 1850’s pioneer house near the town of Terowie in outback South Australia. To me, there’s something incredibly emotive about these abandoned buildings. This one in particular begs so many questions…although uninhabited someone is keeping the yard area immaculate. There is even a small wood pile at the back […]

Modern Car Service

I spotted this derelict mechanic’s shop ‘Modern Car Service’ in a little town called Terowie in outback South Australia. Ironically in the yard at the back of the building were piles of not so ‘modern’ rusty old cars and trucks from a time when Terowie was a hub of South Australia’s railway system. I’d love […]

Red Banks Park

I made a gem of a find today less than 15kms from Burra in South Australia. Red Banks Conservation park is like a mini desert experience: meandering red earth gorges, spring-fed waterholes and lots of old growth (300 year old) mallee trees. Its an awesome spot for photography for that classic blue sky, red earth […]

Big Outback Skies

I’m back in South Australia in the mid-north town of Burra. I’d forgotten how much I love the huge skies here. This is farming country and a lot of the land has been cleared. The paddocks are dotted with abandoned houses from a time when the region was more geared towards small holdings than the […]

Tea anyone?

Check out the photo below. Do they all look like real Nikon Lenses to you? Now this confused me a little even though I use my lenses every day. It was the weight of two of them that helped me to work out. One’s a real lens. One’s a thermos. One’s a tea/coffee mug.   […]

Unlock Australia Campaign

As we travel around Australia we have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of gates and fences we come across which prevent us from accessing many parts of this huge country. There is a growing trend in Australia whereby apparent ‘conservationists’ believe the bush is best protected by locking people out. We consider ourselves to […]

Where we’ve been so far

By the Odometer we’ve now travelled 31,000 kilometres. Using the data saved from our Spot GPS Messenger I’ve created a map of where we’ve been so far. We’ve travelled a long way but still so much to see !!

Wild Koalas

Not many people know that Koalas don’t live in the wild in Western Australia. We were therefore on a big Koala mission when we got to South Australia to find a few hanging out in the trees….which proved to be pretty easy. We were however very lucky one night to find one crossing the road […]

A taste of the Googs Track

Where: Googs Track, South Australia (runs between Ceduna and Tarcoola) Permits: Camping Permit required from SA Department for Environment and Heritage, Ceduna. Costs: $20 per night camped on the track. Paid for with the Permit. Difficulty: Difficult. 300 bloody big sand dunes to traverse which may pose a few issues here and there. If completing the full Googs fuel […]

The road to Tarcoola

Where: Tarcoola Road (off the Stuart Highway at Glendambo), South Australia Permits: None. Costs: None unless camping in Kingoonya pub caravan park Difficulty: Easy gravel road with slightly more bumpy gravel side tracks Days required to do it justice: 2+days What I love about travel is that you can get so focussed on a particular track that sometimes you […]

Strzelecki Track

Where: Strzelecki Track (Lyndhurst to Arkaroola), South Australia Permits: None Costs: None – bushcamping only Difficulty: Graded, gravel track. Sometimes corrugated and very remote Days required to do it justice: 2+days The Strzelecki Track is one of ‘those’ Australian 4WD tracks that hover about on every map you look at and you know that one day, some day you will […]

Overlander Article

We are very pleased to have an article Helen wrote published in the January edition of Australia’s Overlander 4WD magazine. The story is about a trip we took in our Conqueror to the Pilbara region of Western Australia earlier this year.

Scotland with gum trees

I took this series of photographs at the base of Mount Brown Conservation park in South Australia (north of Adelaide)…yes Australia in December (summertime!). When I got out the car all I could think was how much this looks like a Scottish winter in the Highlands. I think it made me a little homesick for […]

Flinders Ranges view

I took this photo this morning as we headed back to Adelaide through Bunyeroo Gorge in the Flinders Ranges after an epic South Australia trip which took in the Googs Track, Woomera and parts of the Oodnadatta and Strezlecki Track. We were mighty impressed with this view of Wilpena Pound we stumbled across as we […]

Australian Animals

During our travels I’ve snapped a lot of images of our native Australian wildlife. I put together this simple collection of my favourite photographs. Enjoy 🙂

Opals in the Opal Inn

Coober Pedy. Known for its opals, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, being in the middle of nowhere, being hard to spell and being very hot. We didn’t have any particular expectations for our visit to the Pedy but we discovered one of those random and welcoming Aussie towns where just about anything goes. Before I […]

‘The Perfect Holiday’

As you all know we are travelling around Australia with our Conqueror UEV490 offroad trailer or what I refer to as ‘the beast’ and others refer to as ‘a swiss army knife’. It is a van with all the bells and whistles which lets us venture as far offroad as we want to go. But […]