Best Office View Ever?

We were driving down some narrow and overgrown forest tracks in Tasmania’s North East when we stumbled across a fire tower perched up on one of the hills. To our surprise there was a man working at the top of the tower who invited us up for a look. November to April is Tasmania’s bushfire […]

Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires on the North East coast of Tasmania is famous for its clear blue ocean, snow-white sand and orange, lichen covered rocks. It is an enchanting place which got its name in 1773 from explorer Tobias Furneaux who saw the many fires of Aboriginal people on the beaches. Now its the campfires […]

Unlock Australia Campaign

As we travel around Australia we have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of gates and fences we come across which prevent us from accessing many parts of this huge country. There is a growing trend in Australia whereby apparent ‘conservationists’ believe the bush is best protected by locking people out. We consider ourselves to […]

Critter Cam 8 – Little Devil

On most nights out in the bush we set up our ‘Critter Cam’ – an infrared camera – to see what Australian animals are marauding around our campsites. Last night we captured a great shot of a Tasmanian Devil. This picture is particularly special as the devil is an endangered species in Tasmania due to […]

Catch your dinner

I decided the other half was perhaps not catching enough fish with his rod so we purchased me a lovely pink one. On its first outing I caught an Australian Salmon and this morning, its second outing, I caught another one! That’s dinner sorted. I never thought I’d like fishing but with views like this […]

Oz’s oldest golf course

The morning we drove into the town of Bothwell in central Tasmania I was wearing my ‘St Andrew’s, Scotland‘ hooded top. Then we saw the sign proclaiming we were now in the ‘home of Australia’s Oldest Golf Course’. I promptly removed my jumper as it seemed a little cheesy walking around this particular town flaunting […]

Ben Lomond Zigzag

  They call it Jacob’s Ladder. A steep, twisty, corkscrew road which rises to 1300m in a matter of minutes. It has huge drop offs down the steep cliffs. Ben Lomond is a national park near Launceston, Tasmania. Presumably it was settled by Scottish people as Tasmania’s Ben Lomond is close to Ben Nevis (Scotland’s […]

Roo and Joey

Paul snapped these photos of a kangaroo and her joey while we were at Narawntapu National Park. Great shots.  

Road Kill

One thing we’ve noticed lots of in Tasmania is the roadkill. I found these stats below for just how many are killed here which is quite shocking really. A bit worrying too for the Tasmanian Devils which are already a threatened species: Estimated roadkill per year: 293,000 Brushtailed possum: 108,543 Pademelon: 28,854 Wallaby: 15,829 Tasmanian […]

Where we’ve been so far

By the Odometer we’ve now travelled 31,000 kilometres. Using the data saved from our Spot GPS Messenger I’ve created a map of where we’ve been so far. We’ve travelled a long way but still so much to see !! http://www.findmespot.com/spotadventures/index.php/view_adventure?tripid=328006

Critter Cam 7 – Possum Party

Possums seem to be everywhere in Tasmania and are a regular star of our Critter Cam. I particularly like the shots we got below of the possum half up the tree while the others are on the ground…  

Critter Cam 6 – Eastern Quolls

Eastern quolls are considered as technically extinct on mainland Australia but in Tasmania the population seems to very healthy. We had a very high hit rate on Critter Cam with a quoll (or two) every night we set it up. They are amusing creatures to watch and several times at night we could see them […]

Finally…a wombat

After chasing wombats all over South Australia and finding nothing but footprints and wombat holes…and no actual wombats, we finally found a field full of wombats at Narawntapu National Park on the North Coast of Tasmania. I’m happy now ūüôā And then there was the one that really didn’t want its photo taken and stuck […]

Mt McCall Wilderness

Where:¬†Mt McCall Track in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park (World Heritage Area) Permits:¬†National Park Entry Fees + permit and key required from Parks and Wildlife Service in Queenstown. Costs:¬†National Park Entry Fees (we have a two month permit which cost $60 and provides access to all National Parks in Tasmania Difficulty:¬†The end section of […]

Tassie Rainforest

I took this photograph on a short walk near Hogarth Falls on the West Coast of Tasmania. I thought I’d share it as I love the way the light bounces of the fern trees. To me its a very classic Tasmanian ‘wilderness’ view.

This is camping!

We’ve been more than a little impressed with the free and beautiful camping Tasmania has to offer on the West coast….here’s some of our favourites:  

Pieman Heads

Where:¬†Granville Harbour to Pieman Heads loop track, West Coast of Tasmania Permits:¬†None. Costs:¬†None. Free camping at Granville Harbour Difficulty:¬†Anywhere between ‘okay’ and extremely hard depending on tides, weather and the planets aligning. Talk to the locals first and they’ll let you know of any problems. Days required to do it justice:¬†1 day for the track, […]

Seals Ahoy

We were driving down Four Mile Beach on the West Coast of Tasmania the other day. Its a vast wide beach of clear white sand (when the tide is out). As we were travelling we spotted what looked like a log on the beach. Then we realised it was a seal! Not something you see […]

A tricky situation

This is a story of disaster averted with the help of a ten tonne truck, three heavy bodies, a winch and some expert driving (well done Thommo).   We were driving down some logging tracks in Tasmania’s North West region today (near Stanley) and passed a 10 Tonne truck carrying a heavy load of gravel. […]

Welcome to Tassie

We arrived in Tasmania yesterday and with view like this we can’t wait to explore more! Stay tuned: