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Portraits in Landscapes

Two years ago I began a project to photograph children dresses as fairies and little heroes in spectacular Australian landscapes. This was a way for me combine my passions for portraits and landscapes as well as my passion for travelling in the more remote areas of this country. I have collated over 300 images of […]

Minis on the Nullabor

Once upon a time the road to the Nullabor was a hot and dusty red dirt highway dotted with the occasional fuel station. Koonalda Homestead (98kms West of the Nullabor Roadhouse) was a popular fuel stop and apparently a popular place to break down. The abandoned site is littered with rusting 1960’s and 70’s cars […]

Simpson Desert

I’ve been to the Simpson Desert three times now between 2008 and 2012. In 2012 the desert was alive, so alive that it was hard to find a red sand dune not decorated with a plethora of native flora. Here are some of my images from that trip.

Australian Landscapes Gallery

My passion is landscape photography in Australia. My images will soon be for sale through this link, please email any queries.