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Australian Animals

During our travels I’ve snapped a lot of images of our native Australian wildlife. I put together this simple collection of my favourite photographs. Enjoy ūüôā

Opals in the Opal Inn

Coober Pedy. Known for its opals, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, being in the middle of nowhere, being hard to spell and being very hot. We didn’t have any particular expectations for our visit to the Pedy but we discovered one of those random and welcoming Aussie towns where just about anything goes. Before I […]

‘The Perfect Holiday’

As you all know we are travelling around Australia with our Conqueror UEV490 offroad trailer or what I refer to as ‘the beast’ and others refer to as ‘a swiss army knife’. It is a van with all the bells and whistles which lets us venture as far offroad as we want to go. But […]

21,000kms and six tyres

A few months ago I wrote a blog about the tyres we’ve been using as we drive around Australia. We are now 21,000kms into our journey and I thought it was time for a tyre update. As a bit of a recap¬†we have six tyres on the car – a must if you are doing […]


Where:¬†Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, Flinders Ranges, South Australia Permits:¬†None Costs:¬†$18 per night un-powered camping, $40 to self-drive the Echo Camp Back Track and $$$ for multiple other tours/self drive tours Difficulty:¬†Echo Camp Back Track rated as ‘Extreme’ and they do ask you have four wheel drive experience. If you are an experienced 4WDer this is easy […]

Willow Springs Skytrek

Where:¬†Willow Springs Station, Flinders Ranges, South Australia Permits:¬†None Costs:¬†$25 per night camping, $60 to drive the Skytrek track Difficulty:¬†Rated as moderate to difficult and they do ask you have four wheel drive experience. If you are an experienced 4WDer this is easy to moderate. Days required to do it justice: 1day (you can’t camp on […]

Exploring the explorers

This is more travel tip than travel blog. But first, a question‚Ķdo you know why the Stuart Highway which runs through the centre of Australia is called the Stuart Highway? Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it. Its just that road you travel on up to Darwin. What about Alice Springs….who the **** was Alice? […]

Lonely Outback Graves

Something we’ve stumbled across all too often on our travels are lonely, often unmarked, grave sites. At some point I will do a little more research on who these people were and what sad event led to their, probably untimely, death. Many we’ve found have been very small gravesites which are most likely for children […]

Roo power

We (well Paul) snapped these pics of a red kangaroo at Willow Springs station in the Flinders Ranges, SA. This one was watching us from fairly near the car and then decided to make a run for it. What I love about these shots is how you can see how the roo uses the power […]

Critter Cam 5 – Dingo Feast

We have still been using ‘Critter Cam’ our infrared camera for seeing what animals are wandering around the bush at night. We’ve recently had mostly rabbits on the camera and the odd cockatoo. However when camped at Dalhousie Springs we snapped this dingo having a big feast relatively near our campsite. We can’t tell what […]

South Australian Sunset

I thought I’d share this shot I took at Muloorina Station a few mornings ago. We haven’t seen many clouds since we hit the South Australian desert so this was a treat of a sunrise!

The feral impact

Since European settlement Australia has gradually become home to an array of introduced animals such as camels, pigs, cats, rabbits, goats and cattle. On my travels across the country I’ve accepted these animals as ‘the norm’. Cattle stations span alongside most of the roads we travel and ‘critter cam’ quite regularly picks up a passing […]

May offend

Dingoes are considered a pest to Australian farmers and many employ shooters to eradicate the animals from their properties. Not sure if this was a sign to warn dingoes or travellers off. If you are squeamish perhaps look away now.

Cockatoo Party

Travelling through the desert country of South Australia is a very silent experience. There is little wind from dusk to dawn and the vast landscapes hold an eerie stillness. So when you reach any small pocket of water along the way the birdlife is incredible. We regularly came across ‘parties’ of cockatoos numbering 100+ squawking […]

Travel mishaps

So one minute we’re happily bumping along the stony Lake Eyre access road and the next minute there’s an almighty bang, a strange scraping noise and a mountain of dust exploding into the air. My initial thoughts were ‘we’ve blown a tyre on the trailer’. Paul’s were ‘where is the trailer?’. After gliding to a […]

Oodnadatta Track

Where:¬†Oodnadatta Track, South Australia Permits:¬†None Costs:¬†Various camping options, free and otherwise all the way along the track Difficulty:¬†This is a very well graded gravel road but do remember you are in very remote country where not many people travel at certain times of the year. We travelled in October and saw on average one car […]