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Devils up close

Check out these up-close pics I took of some Tassie Devils.  When they have their mouths open and showing their teeth, they are snarling and making a very scary devil-like noise. When they are lying down with their eyes closed they look like the family dog!  

Lake Pedder

Lake Pedder’s colloquial name is ‘Fake Pedder’. This Tasmanian lake was once a natural lake which was expanded by damming in 1972 by the Hydro Electric Commission as part of the Upper Gordon River hydro-electric generation scheme. The Gordon Power scheme now generates 13% of Tasmania’s total energy. The lake now has an area of […]

White Timber Trail

Where: White Timber Trail and Jeffrey’s Track (Near Judbury, Tasmania (close to Hobart)) Permits: None Costs: None Difficulty: Hard (especially towing a trailer), Very Hard if there’s been a sniff of rain Days required to do it justice: 1 day Let’s face it, bitumen driving is boring. Everywhere we go we try our best to seek out a non-bitumen […]

Blue Gum Bark

While exploring forestry tracks in Tasmania’s south we discovered this amazing Blue Gum tree which had shed its bark in one complete piece. It is unusual to see such a massive piece of bark but its also unusual to see such a big old tree. Many of the trees in Tasmania were logged in the […]

Shack Life

Shacks are an integral part of Tasmanians way of life. There are pockets of little shack towns dotted all over the country both by the sea and next to inland lakes. The shacks are cosy getaways, useful for the avid fisherman, and all have a huge pile of chopped wood at the door ready for […]

Bruny Island

Where: Bruny Island, Tasmania Permits: National Park Entry Fees for camping . Costs: $80 return trip for car + campertrailer on ferry. National Park Entry Fees (we have a two month permit which cost $60 and provides access to all National Parks in Tasmania) + $10 per night in most National Park campgrounds. Difficulty: Easy gravel roads and […]

Lake Leake Sunrise

We are camped at the moment on the banks of Lake Leake in the Eastern Highlands area of Tasmania. The wind is howling and the temperatures are dropping and it looks like its going to rain very very soon. BUT on the plus side someone camped nearby just caught a 4lb trout in the lake […]

Camper Trailer Touring Mag

As we’ve been travelling around we’ve been writing articles for Camper Trailer Touring Magazine. We’re in Issue 59 (on sale now) with Helen’s article about the Munja Track in the Kimberley region of WA. Here’s a preview of the mag:

The Platypus

Platypus are a notoriously difficult animal to see in the wild. They are shy and tend to hang out in remote rivers hiding under logs and will occasionally come out and about in the dark. We were extremely fortunate to find a baby Platypus hanging out on a riverbank in the middle of the day […]

Snake handlers wanted

I spotted this sign in the window of the Cape Bruny Lighthouse keeper’s cottage. Love the wording re: ‘errant snakes’. Bruny Island, off the south of Tasmania is home to a lot of tiger , copperhead and whitelipped whip snakes, all of which are poisonous. We saw three in our short few days on the […]

Southern-most Point

This is Cockle Creek, the southern-most point you can reach by vehicle in Australia. To reach the real southern-most point you need to keep walking for another four hours. It is positioned right down the bottom end of Tasmania…the cold end. We struck lucky on this picture perfect morning. The ocean was like glass and […]

Critter Cam – The scream

Cockle Creek, 12.30am and we were woken abruptly by a blood curling scream right outside the van. After gathering our senses to realise that no-one was being murdered nearby we worked out it was a Tassie Devil guarding his territory! Luckily we had Critter Cam all set up and we managed to capture the Devil […]

Mount William Nat Park

Where: Mt William National Park, East Coast Tasmania Permits: National Park Entry Fees . Costs: National Park Entry Fees (we have a two month permit which cost $60 and provides access to all National Parks in Tasmania) Difficulty: Easy gravel roads Days required to do it justice: 2+ days Almost everyone that visits Tasmania heads straight to the Bay of […]

Tea anyone?

Check out the photo below. Do they all look like real Nikon Lenses to you? Now this confused me a little even though I use my lenses every day. It was the weight of two of them that helped me to work out. One’s a real lens. One’s a thermos. One’s a tea/coffee mug.   […]