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Balfour Mining Town

Where: Balfour Mining Town (and Murray’s Reward Mine) near Arthur River, Tasmania Permits: None Costs: None Difficulty: Easy-ish, there’s a few big bog holes on the way and you definitely need a 4WD. Days required to do it justice: 1 day One of the most interesting things to explore when travelling Australia is the human impact on a landscape. I […]

Camper Trailer Touring Mag

We have had an article published in this month’s Camper Trailer Touring Mag (Issue 60) about our fantastic trip down Tasmania’s West Coast. There’s 8 pages in there of photos and info. This was one of our favourite trips in Tassie.

Liffey Falls

There’s nothing more classically Tasmanian than a waterfall surrounded by huge ferns. I took these images at Liffey Falls in the Great Western Tiers area of Tassie. Such a peaceful and pristine World Heritage Area.  

Magic Mushrooms

The weather has turned wintry now in Tasmania and with the wetter weather out come the ‘fungi’. I have been on a few bushwalks in the past few days and spotted an array of beautiful fungi growing on rainforest trees.  

Convict Island

In the farthest corner of an island almost at the very bottom of the world, on the fringes of a vast wilderness and accessible only by a tempestuous ocean are the crumbling ruins of a convict settlement. Between 1822 and 1834 Tasmania’s Sarah Island housed many of Britain’s most dangerous and troublesome convicts. The site […]

Cradle Mountaineering

Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania’s most visited tourist destinations and home to the 65km long Overland Track,  Australia’s premier multi-day hike. It is World Heritage rated country and is closely guarded by boom gates with flashing amber lights, lots of ‘do not’ signs, a shuttle bus service to prevent congestion, an expensive caravan park […]