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47,000 km Tyre Change

A few months ago I wrote a blog about the tyres we’ve been using as we drive around Australia. We are now 47,000kms into our journey and have made some changes to our set up. As a bit of a recap¬†we have six tyres on the car – a must if you are doing any […]

Aussie Highland Games

We were in the town of ‘Aberdeen’ and a cool wind blowing off the nearby hills may have been vaguely¬†mistaken for a highland chill. Yet the cockatoos flocking overhead and the sunglasses on every man’s face were the only giveaway that this gathering of bagpipes was very very faraway from its kilted homeland. New South […]

Big pigs

I took this series of shots in northern New South Wales recently while staying on a friend’s farm. I wanted to share them as I’ve never seen such massive pigs before! Each of them were over a metre tall and moved extremely fast despite their weight…especially when they spotted broccoli on the menu. The farm […]