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Mission Beach in Far North Queensland……need I say more? See you there once you quit your jobs 😉


While driving up the remote Bore Track near Innamincka we were commenting on how soft the sand was and debating on whether to lower tyre pressures when we rounded a corner and stumbled across the gentleman below. He was well and truly bogged in a very heavy truck. He hadn’t seen anyone for a couple […]

Following Sturt

Explorer’s Diaries have greatly influenced my love of travelling Australia over the years. A waterhole, hill or ridge-line takes on a whole new meaning when you know who gave it its European name and a bit of detail about the calamities or heroism that occurred at various locations. Recently we’ve been following Charles Sturt’s trail […]

Simpson Desert: 2 yrs on

In 2012 we did a trip across the Simpson Desert and up the Hay River Track. 2012 was the year of big rains and big floods which rolled down from the north and created lakes in this usually dry desert. The first section of that trip was out from Birdsville and we had to take […]

Cacophony of Cockatoos

If you’ve ever been in the vicinity of a couple of hundred cockatoos chattering in a tree you’ll know just how LOUD these birds can be, especially amidst the silence of the bush. We were camped next to this lot at Diamantina Lakes, QLD. They were very loud but it was quite entertaining to scare […]