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Crook in Cook

While travelling from South Australia to Western Australia along the Old Eyre Highway we took the opportunity to have a look at Cook, a sort-of-ghost-town, which sits on the Transcontinental Railway line. It used to be home to nearly 500 people who all worked in some capacity on the railway and therefore had a school, […]

Not Nullar-boring

The next time someone tells you they hate crossing the Nullarbor because it’s ‘Nullarboring‘ ask them a very simple question: Did you travel along the Old Eyre Highway? Most likely they’ll say no. The Old Eyre Highway is a surprisingly well kept secret, despite the fact it runs parallel to the bitumen main Eyre Highway […]

Wide Open Spaces

Love this shot I took on the Old Eyre Highway across the Nullabor. There’s nothing better than hitting the tracks in remote country!

Telstra Donkeys

I was in Silverton near Broken Hill recently. Unusually for this hot desert country it was pouring rain. These donkeys were hanging out by the Telstra phone box looking a bit miserable in the rain.