Wild Koalas

Not many people know that Koalas don’t live in the wild in Western Australia. We were therefore on a big Koala mission when we got to South Australia to find a few hanging out in the trees….which proved to be pretty easy. We were however very lucky one night to find one crossing the road in the dark in the Adelaide Hills area near Birdwood. We drove around a corner, spotted something on the road and then realised it was our little furry friend. I managed to get out the car and stand within a metre of it, taking some snaps on my iPhone. A very special experience.

photo 1

We first spotted the Koala on the road as we turned a corner

photo 2

A quick snap through the front windscreen incase it ran away

photo 3

As I got closer it started to walk away


Posing for photos. The Koala sat and watched me as I took some photos. It was so reluctant to walk away we had to encourage it off the road incase it got run over


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