A tricky situation

This is a story of disaster averted with the help of a ten tonne truck, three heavy bodies, a winch and some expert driving (well done Thommo).

The lovely forest tracks we were moseying along

The lovely forest tracks we were moseying along


We were driving down some logging tracks in Tasmania’s North West region today (near Stanley) and passed a 10 Tonne truck carrying a heavy load of gravel. We pulled over, the truck passed and on we went. On a bend we met another one, braked and pulled over to the side only to slip into a ditch leaving us perched on a very precarious angle on the passenger side. After trying to inch forward we slipped even more and the car was oh so close to tipping on its side.



We were lucky the truck driver saw us slip off the road and stopped to help. We attached the winch to his bull bar and with three of us (another car had arrived by this point!) standing on the side step to stop the car tipping over we ever so slowly crawled up back on to the road. No damage done. But a word of warning to beware of soft verges and to use your UHF (channel 40 usually) on Tassie’s logging roads.



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