Critter Cam 8 – Little Devil

On most nights out in the bush we set up our ‘Critter Cam’ – an infrared camera – to see what Australian animals are marauding around our campsites.

Last night we captured a great shot of a Tasmanian Devil. This picture is particularly special as the devil is an endangered species in Tasmania due to a devastating Devil Facial Tumour Disease which has killed more than 90% of adults in high density areas and 40-50% in medium-low density areas. The devil earned it’s name due to its reputed bad temper and spine chilling screeches. Although only the size of a small dog, it can sound and look incredibly fierce. (For more info on the Devil see the ‘Save the Tasmanian Devil’ website).


Tasmanian Devil, photographed at Griffin Campsite, NE Tasmania


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