47,000 km Tyre Change

A few months ago I wrote a blog about the tyres we’ve been using as we drive around Australia. We are now 47,000kms into our journey and have made some changes to our set up. As a bit of a recap we have six tyres on the car – a must if you are doing any serious off-road travel – and we give those tyres a bit of a battering on a variety of terrains. We also have an Inawise tyre pressure monitoring system so we can constantly check tyre pressures as we’re driving.

We've put these Coopers through some 'challenging' terrain

We’ve put these Coopers through some ‘challenging’ terrain

Up until a few weeks ago we were running Cooper STTs but on arriving at the base of the Victorian High Country in the pouring rain we knew this rubber was on its last legs and for 100% traction we needed to change. We now have four brand new Mickey Thompson Baja MTZs plus the two ‘best’ remaining Coopers..


Wear and tear on the Cooper STTs


Brand new MTZ tread

Brand new MTZ tread


The Coopers performed superbly over the time they were on the car…although they have chipped a fair bit we haven’t had a single flat. The tyres were rotated on average every 5000kms to ensure even wear across the tread and tyre pressures set according to terrain and conditions. Yes, they would probably have run a few more thousand kilometres on the gravel but it was muddy slopes we were needing to play in and we were pretty sure we’d slide straight off a hill with the minimal tread that was left. The best two of the original six STTs are still on the rear carrier as our spares.


47,000 kms of chips and dints on the Cooper STTs


These are photos of the best of our 6 Coopers. These two tyres are now our spares.

With such a good rap on the Coopers why change? Well, our choice was limited at short notice in country Victoria but to be honest we’re keen to see if another tyre can perform for us as well as the Coopers have. Stay tuned for the next, post-desert-tyre-update!

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