Camels and Rabbit Traps

Its not often that the phrases ‘outback cattle station’ and ‘thermal outdoor spa’ get used in the same sentence. In fact it’s even more strange to throw antique rabbit traps, camels, goats and sheep into the equation. But that’s the Australian outback for you – full of completely unexpected gems and the characters that came up with those kooky ideas in the first place.

The dusty outback we know and love

The dusty outback we know and love

When we rocked up at Comeroo Camel Station in north-western New South Wales the owners were busy in the back garden sawing up a lamb carcass ready for the freezer. The surrounding paddocks were coated in layers of dry, red dust – a reminder of the drought conditions currently haunting Australia’s farmers. But there was something a little different here too. A sprinkler was lazily spraying water over a manicured, brilliant-green lawn right outside the homestead.

Comeroo's mailbox

Comeroo’s mailbox

Paddocks at Comeroo

Paddocks at Comeroo

Comeroo sits above Australia’s Great Artesian Basin which at over 1,700,000 square kilometres provides inland Australia’s only reliable supply of fresh water. Farmers use bores to pump the water up from the earth’s core and into their cattle troughs. Coming out of the ground at roughly 40 degrees Celsius its also perfect hot-tub water and not one to miss a trick, Comeroo’s owner Bruce Sharpe has set up a hot tub to satisfy even the grubbiest of campers.


A arstesian-heated spa …Just what you need after a long bush drive

The water is pumped up from deep underground by a bore. 100,000 gallons are pumped through daily

We would have been happy with just the hot-tub but Comeroo also has a river full of yabbies, old shearing sheds that are great for photography, lots of 4WD tracks and one of the biggest collection of antique rabbit traps in the whole of Australia. Yes, rabbit traps. I hadn’t paid much attention to rabbit traps ever until I saw hundreds of them hanging on Bruce’s walls, lined up perfectly in alphabetical order. Next to the rabbit traps were dingo traps and even some man traps and my personal favourite…the ‘roadkill roaster’ cast iron camp oven.


1000s of rabbit traps


Bruce holding a dingo trap


The roadkill roaster!


Its not often the outback gets mixed with so much water and Comeroo is a great place to experience it.

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  1. Love the photos. I’m not sure I’d have the patience to travel with camels, but then and again, they are cheap!


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