The Pilbara is well known for its mining boom but sometimes boom goes bust and you’re left with big holes in the ground and a collection of rusting machinery. Personally, I love poking around these abandoned mines whether they last operated 100 or 10 years ago. There’s something strangely mind boggling about standing in empty buildings in the middle of nowhere which were once bustling hives of activity full of heavy machinery, strict rules and strong business plans.


This former iron ore mine site is now filling up with water. The blue colour comes from the metals in the water.


Once a mine office.


Conveyor belts lead from an abandoned crusher out to a railway line and out into the middle of nowhere


An old refuelling station for the massive trucks that used to operate here


Many of the old minesites are well locked up. You’ve got to wonder what you’d find behind the gates.


Shay Gap townsite. Once a big mining town now all that remains in some very isolated scenery are concrete pads and a sign saying “Please drive with care children are not used to cars. THINK!”


A beautiful little waterhole we found accidentally. The track was very overgrown but it must have been a popular spot in the 70s and 80s judging by all the graffiti on the rocks dating from then.


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