Karunjie Track

Where: The Karunjie-King River Road (start Point at the East Side of the Pentacost River crossing, Gibb River Road), Kimberley, WA
Permits: None. These are station tracks so observe all signs, be aware of cattle and leave gates how you found them
Costs: $0
Difficulty: Moderate (gravel, sandy tracks and eroded creek crossings – be aware of cattle and station traffic)
Days required to do it justice: 1-2 days

Sometimes, no matter how many GPS’s you have onboard, it is possible to completely miss a track, end up on the wrong track then realise the track you were meant to be on is in sight and considerably easier than where you are currently positioned. We have two in-car GPS’s, two detailed Kimberley maps and two handheld GPS’s. Yet in a momentary lapse of concentration we ended up on a track parallel to the actual start of the Karunjie-King River Road. We crawled up and down rocky tracks for almost an hour trying our best to save the tyres when we came to a dry riverbed with boulders so big it would have been impossible to cross. We got out the car, wandered around the bush for a couple of minutes and quickly spotted the ‘real’ smooth gravel track less than 100 metres away. Of course we couldn’t actually get to it without retracing our bumpy tracks but be aware – if you hit rocks within 100m of starting the Karunjie-King River Road, you’ve gone the wrong way.

Wrong way but nice view!

Wrong way but nice view!

The Kurunjie-King River Road weaves its way to Wyndham via the base of the spectacular Cockburn Ranges and along the flood plain of the Pentacost River. The 86km track can be completed in 4-5hrs depending on the condition of the road (the road will be flooded and boggy in the Wet season) but there are some nice camping and fishing spots at the Wyndham end of the track and great photography opportunities at the billabongs you pass on the way. We saw crocodiles, brolgas, kingfishers, ibis and a Jabiru on our journey. The track passes through private El Questro pastoral lease and is a great and quieter alternative to driving the Gibb River Road through to Wyndham….just make sure you get on the right track to start with and keep your eyes peeled for markers so you don’t wander onto private land.

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