Broome Time

Where: Kimberley region of Western Australia
Permits: None. But you might need to pre-book a campsite in peak season
Costs: $$$ can be expensive so pick your restaurants carefully
Difficulty: Easy (unless your venturing further north)
Days required to do it justice: Longer than a day for sure

I went to a friend’s house for dinner in Broome and one of the guests was a little late in arriving. As he wandered in the door he apologetically said ‘the problem with Broome is that everything is only 5 minutes away so if a good song comes on the radio you have to keep doing laps so you can listen to it’. If that’s the only thing making you late in Broome, life is pretty good.

Four Wheels Offroad has always been about travelling the less used tracks and a blog article about Broome doesn’t really fit our mantra. However after coming and going through this tropical town for the past month on our way to and from the Gibb River Road we’ve  come to love this place. Many people stop in Broome for a night, complain about the mozzies (this is actually true – people have asked hotels for refunds due to mozzies spoiling their five star retreat), mumble about the cost of dinner and jolly on to the next town.

If you come to Broome, stop awhile, relax into Broome-time, chat with the locals, plan your outings around tide times and have a proper look at what this magical place has to offer. Once you’re sick of the bitumen have a drive out to Barred Creek, Crab Creek and Middle Lagoon where the locals go to camp.

Top 10 Broome tips:

1. Dawn or dusk at Town beach on a low tide. The birdlife, sea life and colours in the sky are just magical at these times of day. Have a poke around the mangroves to see what you can find.


Low tide sunset (1.6m) at Town Beach


Mangroves at Town Beach

Mangroves at Town Beach

2. Head out to Hidden Valley Handcrafts for some Broome Bug Soap to beat the mozzies. And if the mozzies win use their Midgie Magic to soothe the bites.

Broome bug soap

Broome bug soap

3. Grab a bottle of wine and sit on a rock at sunset on Gantheaume Point.


Sunset at Gantheaume Point

4. Get up early and have a long walk on Cable Beach before the crowds arrive.


Chilling on Cable Beach

5. Take a 45min drive out the gravel roads to Barred Creek. A favourite for the locals for fishing and photography (bush camping is permitted).

Barred Creek

Barred Creek

6.Visit the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park. I’m not a fan of guided tours but this was a fantastic opportunity to see saltwater crocs up close and personal.

A cheeky Ibis

A cheeky Ibis and a crazy croc

7. Sunset anywhere near the coast! The colours of the Kimberley are incredible.


Sunset on Cable Beach

8. A ginger beer on the balcony at Matso’s Brewery.(We were drinking too many beers to take a photo of Matso’s).

9. Broome markets. The markets are open on Saturday and Sunday mornings and for us the spring rolls were the highlight.

A bit of Broome humour at the markets

A bit of Broome humour at the markets

10. Native Birds. Whether you’re a bird watcher or, like me, just appreciate seeing Australia’s feathered friends Broome has a plethora of birdlife. Roebuck bay at dawn or dusk is great spot but even around town you’ll see  a cast of brown falcons gliding in the thermals.

Birdlife in Broome

Birdlife in Broome

Blue winged Kookaburra

Blue winged Kookaburra


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  1. Nina J says:

    They don’t only complain about the mozzies. They complain about the sandflies, they want the gekkos removed from their rooms (or the baby crocodiles as one particularly bright woman mistook them for), they complain that the air con hasn’t reached 17 degrees after being on for 5 minutes in their room and must be broken, and they complain that there is absolutely nothing to do… oh how I miss the hospitality industry in Broome… NOT!

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