Crocs Crocs Crocs

‘Never smile at a crocodile,
Never tip your hat and stop to talk a while,
Don’t be taken in by his welcome grin,
He’s imagining how good you’d look inside his skin’

We went for a boat ride today on the Adelaide River, Northern Territory to see the crocodiles jumping. This isn’t a circus act, the animals aren’t in captivity. Jumping is something they perform in their natural environment. Within minutes of setting sail on the water there were literally crocodiles everywhere…a real ‘crocodile infested river’.

We heeded the safety advice given about the onboard life-jackets – ‘crocs are attracted to orange. If the boat sinks, we chuck the life jackets at the crocs and swim in the opposite direction…but swim quietly. They are attracted to noise’.

Never smile at a crocodile….this is why…


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