Croc vs Buffalo

Where:  East Alligator River in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
Permits: $25 per person for two weeks
Costs: Dependent on location (National park and Caravan Park camping available)
Difficulty: Easy. All road are bitumen but be croc aware every where you go
Days required to do it justice: 2+ days

The Northern Territory is crocodile country and swimming in any waterway is a no-no. The local newspaper ‘The Territorian’ regularly has front page news detailing the latest antics of some wayward 5metre crocodile…like Brutus who lives in the Adelaide River and is estimated to be 100years old.

On a boat trip up the East Alligator River we came across the unusual sight of approximately 40 crocodiles gorging themselves on the carcasses of four buffalo which were floating in the middle of the river. Kakadu National Park had recently undertaken a cull of buffalo and the crocs had been left with the remains. The smell was foul as we cruised past and crocodile after crocodile launched itself at the bodies of these huge beasts. Sometimes as the bodies rolled it almost looked like the buffalo were still alive. What was most creepy about the scene was that at times the crocodiles we nowhere to be seen, the water was dead still and out of nowhere the water would erupt, the carcasses were munched and again the river was full of an army of crocodiles.

Munching on some buffalo in the East Alligator River

Munching on some buffalo in the East Alligator River

When on the river we learnt that in the 1970s people used to waterski there. This was back when crocs were almost hunted to extinction in the Northern Territory and were actually scared of humans. Times have changed now that the crocodile is protected as these photos show.

This is crocodile country.

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