Falcon feeding time

I took this photo today of a Brown Falcon catching its lunch at the Alice Springs Desert Park. Thought I’d share it as it shows the beauty of their wing span as well as how nimble these birds are in flight.

Brown Falcon

Brown Falcon

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  1. Richard says:

    Fantastic photo!
    Hi Helen
    Hope all’s well with you?
    We’re in the UK now, showing the children the sights. Have just been to London, now heading west along the coast then north. And it’s raining!
    Your photos remind me of what we’re missing.
    We’ll be here for two more weeks then it’s back to France.

    • helenosler says:

      Thanks Richard. Hope all is ok in France.
      We are now in Alice springs and heading off into the desert tomorrow for about three weeks as we head towards Adelaide. It’s been great here in Alice I love the scenery and prefer the weather to the steaming hot north. I went on a night tour last night at the desert park which was awesome – they have a number of endangered mammals there that you rarely see in the wild….like the Bilby. All going well – few car and van dramas but all seem to be fixed now.

      Where’s next after France?


  2. Nina says:

    Love this photo

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