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Critter Cam 5 – Dingo Feast

We have still been using ‘Critter Cam’ our infrared camera for seeing what animals are wandering around the bush at night. We’ve recently had mostly rabbits on the camera and the odd cockatoo. However when camped at Dalhousie Springs we snapped this dingo having a big feast relatively near our campsite. We can’t tell what […]

May offend

Dingoes are considered a pest to Australian farmers and many employ shooters to eradicate the animals from their properties. Not sure if this was a sign to warn dingoes or travellers off. If you are squeamish perhaps look away now.

Critter Cam 2

Well we are continuing to set up “Critter Cam” our infrared camera most nights when we’re out bush. Here’s what we’ve discovered in the past couple of weeks that has been creeping around in the dead of night: 1. A dingo. Taken in Litchfield National Park. The shot was taken right next to our van […]